XIV is the men’s ministry at FWC Church in Sioux City and is committed to building up men in their faith, leadership, and vulnerability. We believe Jesus is the only man that we should seek to pattern our lives after. Whatever your like, whatever your personality type is you are welcomed and called to this fellowship of men. You don’t have to be chopping wood, super hairy, or eating raw meat to be a real man.


So, what is a real man? A real man is someone who has given the control of their life over Jesus. Someone who walks in integrity, faithfulness, strength, faith, resilience, and love. He does not give up, he does not give in, even when the world is against him. He looks to his Father before anyone else, uplifts and upholds his family in their joy and pain and does not allow himself to be led astray by the world’s temptation. He does not battle against this world, but through the power of Jesus, demolishes the strongholds that try to keep him from being who God made him to be!

Join us for our first XIV Night at FWC Church on April 28th at 7 PM for worship, an uplifting message, fantastic food, and a night all about the guys! Grab your ticket for $10 by clicking the link below.